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Spring is here and Sorrento Italian Market is overflowing with Italian Chocolate Easter Eggs and Columba Easter Cakes.  We are pleased to be offering many of our special Easter items on this website.  Feel free to check out our Easter Treats sold both at our online store and in our Culver City store.

If you've never been to our store, it has been for the last 50+ years a traditional-family-run Italian Market, with a friendly, knowledgeable staff and a homey feel. is very much a reflection of our Culver City store.  Staff who work at our store created this website and maintain it.  We take your online orders, pack them, and ship them ourselves.  If you have any questions about our online merchandise, our website staff are very knowledgeable about the what we sell and can answer any of your questions.

If you're wondering how we can sell our products at such reasonable prices, it's because in many cases we have directly imported the products offered on this website.  By cutting out the middle man and negotiating directly with the foreign supplier, we are able to find great bargains for unique, regional products.  Please browse though our Online Catalog or, if you can, come visit our store in Culver City. is still growing and we are adding new items almost every week.  Thanks for your patronage and we hope we can help you fulfill your shopping needs soon.

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